Can I think about my self for once?

i can't remember the last time i put myself first so here's whats going on
•me and this guy ( lets call him tommy) start dating
• tommy dumps me because he "isnt ready for a relationship" he goes out with my best friend i was so upset i really liked him
• they break up and nothing happens, he said mean stuff about me
• i can't get over him I don't know what it is but there is something about him that attracts me so i tell my best friend and she talks to him
• he's liked me this whole time, he can't get over me he says mean stuff about me because he thinks i hate him
• so we talk about dating again the next days my best friends name is in his bio with a heart next to it... taken... again... crushed
• now he's dumoed her for me... he said he lobes me... says he wants me back, i want him back but i dont want ro uoset my best friend, he's my world, i would give him infinitive chances what shall i do?


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  • Words are easy. It's easy to say anything we want if we think a girl is going to like it.

    But actions are truth. What we do speaks louder than words.

    So if you keep taking him back, even though he keeps choosing other women over you, then what does that say about you?

    It says that you'd rather be his fifth choice. And how is he supposed to find that attractive? How is he supposed to respect a girl who doesn't mind that he keeps choosing other girls over her? He won't. Because he doesn't have to. He's learned that he can do what ever he wants because he can tell you anything you want to hear.

    Here's something that's hard to understand at your young age...

    How we FEEL doesn't matter.

    It doesn't MATTER that you are attracted to him. Attraction isn't a choice.

    What matters is what we DO... our ACTIONS dictate our lives.

    So allow yourself to feel attraction towards him, that's natural and okay.

    BUT DO NOT think that your feelings matter. It's what your HEAD says that matters. Logic trumps emotions.

    Feelings aren't facts.

    I FEEL like eating pizza and chips every day for every meal. But my head know that will make me fat and unhealthy.

    Should I follow my gut and just eat junk food? That's what my body wants, right?

    No, I must be grown up and pay attention to my HEAD... my head says "No, junk food creates an unhealthy sad human. Don't do it."

    So this guy is your junk food.

    If you want, let him chase you and flirt and desire you. But CHOOSE to push him away in order to maintain some self respect.

    Plus think how attractive you'll seem to all the other boys who see you choosing wisdom over lust.

    Be selective, you're worth it.

    ~ Robby

    • wow thank you so much i feel completely different your a life saver, im studying for my GCSEs atm so im stressed and this jyst helped so much thank you


    • GCSE? Awesome! Good luck!
      ~ Robby

  • Start putting yourself first.


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  • Do not take him back. He badmouthed you to her and he acted like a complete asshole by choosing your friend. Guys like him are poison.

    • i know i shouldn't like him but i do, and i dont know how to forget about him because im with him 24/7 :/