How do I stop becoming bitter?

I have always wanted to feel what it was like to have a girls affection towards me. But now when I see couples I just get a intense rage in me. I strongly believe that I will grow old into one of those bitter old people because I never got the chance to have a girlfriend

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  • Finally a guy admitting he's bitter

    • Well when you can feel hatred consuming you it's hard not to notice

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    • @10dsw Well I am not them. Suck it up and move on

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Release your emotions... talk about. Ask yourself again and again why. Talk about it ☺

    • I don't wanna do that I have anger issues

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    • I'm different from most guys sex isn't everything to me I'm much more romantic

    • I see I gotta go... but Ill definitely catch you later 😁

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  • Ok, here is some good "old man advice". Please take it. I have a lot of experience with this kind of thing.

    Your only 25. not too old, you can figure this out and solve it and have a lifetime of relationships. Psyching yourself out with this thinking is going to be a self fulfilling action. STOP!

    Most of those people you see are really not that happy. One or both of them often wants to be out of that relationship because it is miserable, but the burden of a divorce is very high. Almost every 40 yr old man I know expresses this to me if the subject has come up.

    Figure out why you aren't having any luck and countermeasure. For example:

    If it is your looks, there are lots of women who dont care about looks but care about some other quality that you might have. find these women, realize they may not be supermodels but some actually might be. etc.

    Get a "trusted advisor". Do you know a man very smart with these kinds of things that you trust enough to coach you. Beware, not many men are good at this.

    Close this question to women and ignore all their comments. Just trust me on this, too long to explain.

  • You stop wasting your time on finding relationships/true love bla bla.

    You start talking to multiple women at once.

    The moment one isn't giving you what you want (i. e. sex, attention, whatever you're looking for), you say NEXT!

    You don't have to believe me but in grades 9-10 I was some poor sad sap too. Things quickly changed.

    • I'm not some 9th grader though I'm 25 my chances are running out. I never had a girlfriend before

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    • Well to be honest, your confidence is definitely poor. A lot of guys think it's all about looks, etc. It isn't. Your personality is huge too. Are you passionate and driven about a topic?

    • Yes I am I'm also smart, I have a good sense of humor nothing appears to be enough cause I'm completely invisible

  • Close this question to women. All you're going to get is nonsens like IvirianGirl20's.

    Don't be angry but be aware and less than trusting. Be open but don't be trusting. Make someone make you trust them, if they don't put in the effort they're not worth your effort man.

    You'll make it out of this alive. We all seem to.

    Peace and good luck.

    • Dude I'm 25 and never been with 1 girl

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    • Trust me, none of that shit will last more than 5 years.

    • Hahah yup. The 7 year itch is more like the 3 year itch now

  • The nature of women has always been known... fuck feminist society

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