Does she like me?

I always see her looking at me from a distance, I would smile and say hi but she will just give a blank stare all the time.

When she is wirh friends she is very social. At times I'll talk to her and chit char.

The other day she sat by me with a mutual friend. I was teasing her a bit and we had fun.

but when I see her the next times she would talk to her friends and look at me. As I look back and smile , I say hi to her and she gives me blank stares.

i want to ask her out but I don't know if she is comfortable around me yet. Or if she is not plain interested?


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  • I don't think she does. I mean, she doesn't even say "hi" to you.

    • She does say hi to me. When she is with her gfs she is confident and says hi. When she is by herself she seems shy

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