Girls, Can you help me with my Bumble profile description? Would you swipe right?

My current description:

I read these because I want to know what's under the hood. I play guitar. I don't know how this would even work because I am always working. I have a PhD... pretty huge dick. I go to concerts... by myself. You could probably find me in a library or museum. Otherwise I am working or in bed.

  • Yes
    38% (3)
  • No
    62% (5)
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My new profile says: I like good music
You can't win them all but more than 1/3 said YES baby!


Most Helpful Girl

  • No I prefer a real PhD or an MD. Plus I don't know what concerts you go to.

    • Well I went to Kanye last week

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    • I'd totally go to a 5H concert they're so good I ❤️ Lauren. So would any chick dude

    • I don't even need to have a descriptipn

What Girls Said 1

  • the only thing a girl will honestly remember is that you put "pretty huge dick". when you put that she will think all you want is sex. so unless all you want is sex, id omit that part of it. everything else is fine, but the only thing that will stand out is that you have a huge dick.