Super long and confusing, but HELP?

So, I’ve always kinda thought *Guy 1* was cute. He’s the biggest introvert you’ll meet, but he’s really sweet. Anyways, this all started on the bus ride to camp. I was sitting with a guy friend, with *Guy 1* & *Guy 2* behind me. We decided to play mafia. *Guy 1* became the mafia 1st. We were playing through the round when he accused me. I ended up dying, & I realized it was him who killed me. I realized that every time we play & he’s mafia, I die either by being falsy accused by him, or because he kills me later, & he’s done it for awhile. I didn’t know what to make of it when I noticed that for the first time in 4 years. I called him out on it, & he didn’t deny it, & everyone agreed. Then we were playing volleyball & I sucked at it, so *Guy 2* was teasing me (joking) & *Guy 1* got in his face & was like “*GUY 2’S NAME*!!!” *Guy 2* teased several people, but I was the only one to spark a reaction. (I was zoned out for about 30 seconds, so *Guy 2* might have done something I don’t know of.) Then twice instead of hanging out with the guys, he was with me. Once with a couple other people, & the other time we were with his little sister & her best friend. (The friend is 4 years younger & also likes him) We were at the pool & the friend & I were using h& motions to plan how to push him in. She suddenly was like “I’m not going to do it. Push him in if you want, but he’d kill me.” *Guy 1* was then like “You’re right. I would kill you.” We talked for a minute or 2 here & there over the week, but on the way home we were at lunch together & he moved tables. After we got back, I had 2 weeks till we moved. I facebooked him about the mafia, & he lied about it. My brother & I also had dinner with him & a bunch of other friends, to tell them bye. We had an amazing time, but at the end of the night he never replied when I told him bye.

Instead, as we went our separate ways he waved out the window to us until we were out of sight. I texted him after we moved, but all I got were one word responses, twice. (At the same time he remembered where we moved & I don't even remember telling him.) Then he used to like most of my insta pictures, & not really anybody elses but the Braves. (He basically quit instagram or I think he still would) Then I finally got to see him again for a week, & it was like before.
We spent most of our time together. I went to talk to him about it several times, & I kept getting interrupted by things. Then when I went back home, we talked more then before, but I’m always the one initiating our convos. I think he even tried to blow me off once. I kinda get the feeling he doesn’t want to talk to me, but I get that from everyone. I’m just soooo confused.

-No, I don't like *Guy 2*
-Telling him bye the second time, I got a side hug, but I kinda was awkwardly like "Hug?"


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  • You're definitely over-thinking something that happened during a game.

    • It's wayyyyy more then the game. That's just when I picked up on it. It's very obvious I'm treated differently whether it's whIle we're playing a game or not.

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