Does he still thinks about me?


So This guy and I were dating for like 3 months. He got a full time job and things went rough. He was not the same guy i used too know, and I was scared to lose him, and I did. He is not here anymore.

When I saw him the last time, he hugged me and we talked like everything was the same. Maybe because he doesn't care anymore and treats me like a friend. Last time I posted a new picture on Whatsapp and he reacted on it, I made a funny joke and he laughed about it, I didn't text him back.

Last time my best friend saw him, he knews her, never talked but he saw pictures of her and saw her in real life when he asked my number. She said he was like looking the whole time and even didn't look the other way but only looked at her.

I don't know why he was looking like that at her, if you recognize someone you look maybe 2 sec but not like you see some celeb.

I don't know, what do you think about it? Does he still care or does he just treat me like a friend? Should I delete his numer?

Please help!


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  • Okay you sound like your very young. But im assuming the guy is young and doesn't really knwo what he wants. A man not a boy should tell you how he feels upfront not try to keep you guessing whether your friends or in a relationship. Dont bother being with someone like that. Not worth the stress to keep trying to figure it out. Think about it, why would u want to be with someone who can't communicate his feelings towards you? You are putting in all the effort abd he is putting in nothing in return. So not worth it.

    • I am not 24 indeed. But what should I do right now? And how do you think he feels about me? Because I don't know anymore..

    • I was in this same situation and after stressing myself to the core about it you have to move on and give him less of your attention. He will start to notice "wow she is showing little interest in me now". Its not a mind game, but the truth of the matter is this guy is showing no interest than he did before. And you just want to know. You invested your time into him so the least he can do is offer you some kind of explanation. But unfortunately men dont think like females. We are emotional and tend to want to know the 'why" when men just dont to tell us how their feeling. Its not going to easy but you have to stay busy and not think about him. Try reading things about growth and positive quotes to help in the process.

    • I don't text him anymore, It is been a while since I spoke to him. But it just looks like he doesn't give a fuck

  • If she's pretty then ofc he was looking. He's not committed. He can look.

    He's probably not AS interested as he was before, though. But nobody knows other than him for certain.

    • If you think someone is pretty you are not going to look as if you are some kind of creepy guy..

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    • Doesn't matter, EVERYBODY has downtime. I have a full time job and I have downtime. My parents have full time jobs and they have downtime. My best friend who works two jobs and goes to school even has enough downtime to send texts and go on dates.

    • I dont know why i even still care about him..

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