How long were you in your worst relationship? Did you end it yourself? How long did it take you to move on?


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  • I'm over it now. It doesn't take me long to move on. I focus on the reasons why it ended rather than past happy times together. People feed memories by reminiscing so it takes them longer to let go and move on.

    This is a true saying" cry a river, build a bridge then go over it" . So I'll break down and cry because heartbreak is painful, but then I focus on letting go , by cutting all means of contact. Then I focus on building a future without him being part of it anymore. I get over it by letting go of the hurt. I do that by focusing on the here and now. The past is history. It'll never be repeated so I only look to the past if I want to learn lessons from my past mistakes

    • How long was your relationship? Was it a "bad" relationship?

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    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • 17 years; she ended it. I moved on fairly quickly - 6 months.


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