Girls, how would you feel if you found out a guy had a crush on you for 3.5 years (6th grade - starting of 10th grade)?

But during the time

- you went through a relationship, and he knew that you probably wouldn't feel the same

- you were nice to him, but didn't really talk much because he was shy (from nervousness)

- you began to ignore him because he was ignoring you trying really hard to get over you (even though it failed)

- in the classes you had with him, you always seemed to laugh and have fun with all the boys. With him, you barely laughed.

  • Amazed
  • Mixed emotions
  • I would make fun of him
  • Respect him more
  • Call him a loser and that he should move on and find someone else because I'm too good for him
  • Tell him that that's so sweet
  • Realize that all his actions had a reason behind them and that he wasn't trying to be mean, he just was trying really hard to get over you
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  • I would've been really surprised


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