Do you read someone's answers to match questions on okcupid?

If you've used OKCupid, you know they have a match questions section to tell how much of a match you are with someone prior to meeting them based on lifestyle, sex, dating, religion, etc. It goes deeper into their personality beyond their profile.

I think it's useful but can also spoil the mystery. For me, if a girl says yes to the question is smoking disgusting then I won't smoke around them as I don't want that to hurt my chances.

Having said that are there any questions you focus on where their answer might be a dealbreaker for you or might make you skeptical about a person?

For me, one girl I met answered no to is there such a thing as having too many sex partners? Another one would be if they said yes to cheating

Sometimes you find out too much personal info like one that says divide your age by 2, have you had that many sex partners. Personally, I don't judge someone based on their past but when it comes to that, the less I know, the better.

How much do you value match questions when looking for a date on okcupid?


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  • I do not have a dating profile.


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  • Do I read someone's answers? No, I'm sorry I just look at their face to tell if we are compatibile or not. I am such a guy.