I am writing letters to a well known infamous convict?

i watched a documentary on the tv a few days ago and i thought id look the guy up on google, i found his doc number and where he is incarcerated and decided to send him some mail on a website called jpay which some prisoner have access to, i sent him a few pictures of myself. he's actually younger than me im 23 and he is 20 , i can't say who he is because he has people following his life and he is vary about his privacy. he is doing well in prison he is in a medium facility and he has a job and has been to school in there. he replies to me straight away. his earliest release date is 2022, he seems amazingly intelligent for having to go to school in prison and being there for so long, his vocabulary is so advanced, when i write to him i feel like im talking to A 40 year old lol.
should i keep writing to him and do you think he likes me or just wants to be friends?
he asks me a lot of things he asked if i have a boyfriend, who i live with, where i live, what my favourite colour and food is, where i work what i do at university so he seems really interested.
should i keep writing to him and do you think he just wants to be friends or more?


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  • Is he that attractive that made you look him up?
    He probably wants to be more than friends. You have to remember that you're not the only one who's been writing him and he's probably playing the field with other women too. What was the crime?