Girl in truble need guys opinion on whatisthissssssss?

So i had this relationship that wasn't exclusive i think and we ended things a week ago very friendly (he said he wasn't in love so i called quits) we told each other a few nice last words and didn't speak again, but ge started sending me random snapchats and now we are talking again for 2 days straight about random stuff nothing about us.. now i don't wanna overthink and ruin everything but on the other side i would like to know whatthefuuuuuuuckisgoingon... guys what do you think?


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  • Basically he's starting to ease his way back on your good side. He probably misses you also. You just don't jump the gun too fast. Let him work for it a bit.

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    • Thankyou ☺️
      I will just let me find it 😉

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  • He's trying to have sex with you again. In a non-exclusive way apparently.