Unhappy with life? Can't make changes?

When I was in high-school, I really wanted to be successful...

Whether it was in Computer, or Sciences I wasn't really sure.. But I wanted a Degree in something, and My Plan was to finish in 4 years at a University (and live that lifestyle)

That was my plan, however my family thought it would be better to stay in the family business.

So I let them force me into a Construction Certificate, and end up working in that field.

So I am working now, I am making a decent wadge... But I am stuck.

But I am super unhappy with what I do... I suck at it, and I hate my job.

I am 24 now... I can't stop thinking about, What would have happened if I had stood my ground and got my degree?

At this point in my life, I could have had my degree and have been working my up in that field.

The problem is, my family is in debt (Has become dysfunctional, domestic problems, alcoholic problems)... So I am supporting my mom and brother, paying for the house, cars, bills... Which I make enough money to do this.

Of course I can always go back to school whenever, 10 years, 5 years, etc.

The two issues are:

I don't see it as a wise investment... I lose 4 years of pay, plus the cost of going to school... A setback of at least $200,000 USD

I really wanted to be successful young... I had that drive when I was younger and now have lost it... I could have been doing well in something I enjoy, but now am stuck at a dead end job. Even if I did go back to school, I would be just starting out in my field at 28.

Normally I take responsibility for my actions and choices, but my choice was correct... To go get a good degree and do well in life... But my family said no, do construction first and I listened to them.

What Can I really do at this point?

I am unhappy, but I just continue to work everyday, try to distract myself with things like movies, internet... but it's getting harder now because I don't feel like doing anything... I just lay in bed and wait for another day to go by.

So lost in life.


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  • Do your school at night. I've been in aviation my entire adult life. Truthfully? Hate it. I'm putting my wife through college right now, working at keeping up with the bills to minimize or prevent debt. Once she graduates, I'm going to college. I'll be in my mid thirties before I graduate, and I'll be turning wrenches on planes I'll never make enough to even lease right up until I have my degree in hand and start a new career. It's a goal, a light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, you won't have the years of experience using that degree that some of your peers will have, but if your degree enables you to move higher in the construction field, your experience now will be valuable to employers down the road. You're barely a third of the way through your expected life span, maybe ten percent of the way through your professional working years. It's not too late to do something you want to do with the remainder.

    • I know it's not too late for the degree...

      I really wanted it young, I wanted to go to university and meet people, join clubs, mingle, have fun... Find myself... Get the degree and work! at 22

      That didn't happen, I guess I have just given up now... What is the point? I won't be with people my age, I'll feel guilty about not making any money/supporting my family, I won't have that university experience I wanted... I feel like a failure, I really let myself down and I'll never have what I wanted in life...

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    • Thats what I'm doing, I'm checking out and accepting a lifetime of misery. I don't feel like fighting anymore... I just give up.

    • I don't even feel like school will help now. :( I'm do stressed and miserable and confused

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  • There are programs out there that will help you go to school.

    • I couldn't find much in Canada.

      It seems like there are a limited number of programs you can take online.
      (I can't do part time)

      To me an online certificate seems useless... The same jobs you aim for, are the same jobs people aim for after they are done their bachelors degree...

      Example is you can do a 2-4 years full time Computer Science Course and aim for a web developer job.

      The same job I would aim for if I did an online web development course... I think they would easily get hired over myself.

      Anyhow, what programs are you talking about?