Girls, if a guy asked you to be his date to a wedding what do you think?

I'm thinking about asking this girl to go with me to a wedding as my date I don't want this to seem like a super serious jester. Right now my goal with her is to just have fun and a light low maintenance undefined relationship for as long as possible. But I hate going to weddings alone especially when slow songs come on. Girls do you consider being invited to a wedding to be a serious thing.


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  • If she is 'This Girl' that you have Known for awhile, I see No problem in Asking her To... Go with me to a wedding.
    However, if she is Someone, hun, who you just talk to once in a Blue moon, maybe Not a Hot idea to Invite her to a White Wedding. Then I might Say it might not Look good that Day and in a Way... Super Serious Jester.
    Good luck. xx


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