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I've been friends with this guy for about eight years, he's one of my best friends, we know everything about one another. About a month ago he kissed me, told me he's in love with me and said that I am his future. I told him I felt the same way and so we decided to try it out (without making anything really official. But we did agree to not see anyone else) It was great for a bit but then school started and he's been super busy with the businesses that he is in so we haven't really been talking or seeing each other (to the point where I haven't seen him and have barely talked to him in three weeks). He came with me to a wedding the other night and I told him that it bothered me and he promised he would be better, and to never forget how much he loves me and that I'm the best thing in his life etc. I get he is busy and I'm not asking to see him everyday, but a text every so often would be nice. I want to continue with this because I love him but it's really discouraging when this happens. So my question is if I guy says he loves you, misses you so much and says he wants to marry you one day, why would he act like that?


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  • 8 years is a long time to wait. If he hasn't given up on you in that time I doubt he ever will.

    I think texting everyday is reasonable, no matter how busy you to are. Let him know that is what you need, he clearly cares and should be willing to do that.

    As to why, I am only guessing, if he is talking marriage he might want to work harder on his business to be able to provide for you. Some guys can feel a lot of pressure that way.

    Talk to him about how he is feeling and what you both want for the future.


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  • I think you should give him a chance.


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  • Hmm, that is really disheartening. If he truly felt that he should be all over you and with you all the time. I would start to fear he is losing interest. He had a taste of his fantasy and it isn't what he thought it would be like. This is why he is making a lazy effort now.

  • I guess I don't really understand some ideas of dating.
    What is this shift in what each person should do?

    If I like someone, even romantically, that doesn't mean that I require them to alter their usual routine. We just like each other.

    We'll hang out when it's convenient, but we won't worry just because we don't talk for a while. We still know that we like each other after all.

    So why get anxious?


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