What's the best way to make a move on a guy with a guarded heart?

When we dated he didn't initiate a lot except he always said yes when I asked him to do things and seemed excited to be there. Friends said they though he really liked me based on how we acted. I think he was nervous and a little
guarded from a previous relationship. Now we are back to being friends but he still gives some signs that he is interested states at me, touched my leg, smiles at me a lot etc. I'm still interested but I'm not sure how to approach him and show him that.

  • Keep flirting back and see what happens
  • Make a move, hold his hand, kiss him etc
  • Tell him you are still interested
  • Don't do anything
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  • I think the best plan of action at this point since you have already dated in the past is to have some real talk and let him know you are interested in him. It doesn't sound like he's going to be the one to make any moves on you. So if you really want things to move in that direction its probably best to talk about it.


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  • How old is he?

    • 26 but he doesn't have a ton of experience. He had one serious relationship and she broke his heart and then he told me he hasn't dated a lot since then.

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    • Well guess find out more about his ex and do not show behavioral traits that he doesn't like of her I guess. Be patient with him. Show him a lot of affection even if he is guarded and wait for him to open up.

    • I know her. I think it was just high school sweethearts that ended. She wanted to move away and focus on her career and thought she was going places. And I don't think he fit into her picture of what she wanted her life to be like.

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