He Stopped Talking to Me?

So we've been talking for two months, and we officially started dating last week.
He broke up with me after a perfect day with him, saying that our personalities were too different.

Im so heartbroken because he genuinely showed such an interest, I was not expecting this at all. Completely out of the blue.

He kept saying that I'd find somebody 10x better than him, and that I'll get over him quickly, cause im 'way out of his league'.

Im so hurt any advice please? :(


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  • You've only been talking for two months, so I do not understand how you got so emotionally involved with someone for such a short time. Also, if someone tells you that you will find somebody 10x better than them, believe them. They are usually right.


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  • It happens you just have to keep putting yourself out there


  • I can teach you hypnosis

  • i dont know what you want us to say? you got broken up with. im sorry it happened. just dont do anything rational, is all i can give you advice on

    • its my first time, just needed advice lol.

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    • oh you think :/ i dont remember what i did..

    • and he'll probably never tell you. why should he?

  • didn't you post the exact same thing 3 weeks ago or something?

    maybe the issue is you get attached too easily


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