What makes a person an option vs priority?

The guys I really like always treat me as an option when I realize it I usually leave and try to move on; only to find the next person is treating me like an option.

Just for background, I don't do any hookups and I am still a virgin. So I don't think I give in too easy.


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  • It's probably because your a virgin. No offense some guy's feel virgin's are a lot of work. Yes playing hard to get will turn guy's off. But that is good your a virgin and not being easy. I hope you find a good guy soon.

    • what if the guy is a virgin too?

    • If the guy is a virgin to then he should be more understanding to since he lacks experience. Sometimes virgins will date other virgins and would try to hold out together until they both get married. Then I heard and read and knew guys and girls who were both virgins loose their virginity together before marriage. Each virgin is different with what they want and what they are looking for.

What Girls Said 1

  • If he constantly prioritizes other things/people, it means that you're simply an option.

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