Why is it that this happens?

So i'll start liking a guy, he likes me back, and this is a guy that's not a "f*ckboy". Usually they're friends too. Then we'll start exchanging pics. I'm skinny, nice body, nice personality, a good person, a lot of people say. Then a couple weeks in I start going "I want a relationship" or "I want to date not just exchange pics" and saying "what are we." And then about this time they pull back saying "let's just be friends or friends with benefits." it's like they say they want to date, they're friends with me, they want a relationship, but then this point-- they pull back out of it.


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  • They want sex but they don't want relationship responsibilities

    • Okay but my present guy says he'd like to have a relationship he is just warning me in case he screws it up, and that he didn't want to hurt me. So idk?

  • anon under 18

    yeah people your age don't want commitments


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  • The ones who claim that they are good, are usually the worst. You have to remember this rule.

    • Good as in personality, or good as in they claim they aren't a f*ckboy?

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    • So if they claim they have a good personality, would be a good guy, are usually the worst?

      Is that vise versa? My present guy thinks very simply of himself: he's not a good person, not responsible, etc.
      But he's always treated me like gold, told me when he kissed another girl (we weren't dating yet), and is very honest.
      However he's also, "I don't think we should be more than friends or friends with benefits (as in pictures nothing else) because I don't want to hurt you more than I have. I like you, we can still date if you want, but I'm not responsible and I don't want to hurt you- you can't say i didn't warn you."
      So this is why I ask the question above... am I picking the wrong guys or is it something i'm doing?

    • There are more bad people in the world than good. Which makes it kind of understandable that sometimes you will end up picking the bad guys. It all comes down to luck. The whole thing is a gamble for everyone.

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