Great date idea?

Looking for some date ideas to surprise my boyfriend with. I know I want to end the evening walking around a downtown area, sit at a park bench and feed the ducks.
I figured we'd get dinner before duck feeding.
But I want to do something before that. And not something like going to the movies.


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  • Duck feeding sounds pretty cool!
    You could arrange a small picnic before feeding the ducks.
    Also, disregard the blue anon. He's being an ass for no reason.


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  • I'd feel scared dating you...

    You have huge hands

    • 1.) Completely has nothing to do with my question.

      2.) Go screw yourself.

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    • just being honest that I'd feel embarrassed... maybe you should go somewhere dark where you don't put his hands to shame

    • Sorry that your self esteem is that low.

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