Should I Give Him A Chance?

This guy who lives in my apartment building has been flirting with me non-stop for months. He's relentless but not in a scary way. I don't think he works though which makes me think he might sell drugs or something. Reason being, he's always flashing his cash and expensive clothes, shoes, gold, and he drives a very expensive car.
I've always tried to avoid dating drug dealers and hood types even though I grew up in a pretty bad part of town. I guess I've just always focused on working hard and getting myself out of these circumstances. That said, I really don't know for sure that this guy is anything like that.
I just hate to be judgmental like that and he seems like he's got a cute/funny personality and he's very handsome, tall and a great dresser. He knows I just broke up with a guy and that I'm single. Should I give him a date to see what's really up with this guy or trust my intuition and keep saying no?


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  • It could be an act. If you find him attractive then give him a shot, but if he is into drugs or something, then get the hell out of there. He could just be presenting himself like that because he has some obscure idea of what girls like.


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  • Give him a chance. You won't know what he's like unless you go out with him once or twice, then only you'll begin to get an idea of his character.


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  • No, he sounds like a pretentious asshole.

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