Im dating this guys and he has a lot of friends that are girls which he hangs out with a heck of a lot should I be worried?

Im trusting him and all should i talk to him about it? but i also dont wanna come off as to clingy or to jealous? Help.


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  • You think you are the only girl chad wants to bang? You want chad because other girls want him.

    If chad shat his pants tomorrow due to a medical emergency and all the girls started ignoring him, you wouldn't want to be seen with him anymore.


What Girls Said 2

  • you shouldn't really be worried unless he's, like, spending more time with them than he is with you or he's flirting with them--
    or i guess you can try to sneaky sneak your way into that group of girls and become friends with some of them in order to get more information kekeke >:3
    *hacker voice*: "i'm in"

  • Assuming your age is right, You guys are at a point in your life where friends do matter. If he is hanging out with the other girls more than you, I may bring it up in conversation but don't attack him over it.