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his friend says one thing. he acts another. his names tyler our friend his roommate is Cody. I originally met cody off of tinder. Nothing ever went anywhere we just became good friends. through cody I met tyler. I've recently realized I'm attracted to tyler. Cody does not know this. neither does tyler. bad I know. so far this is what's happened. Tyler did a tattoo for me the other week. as I was leaving he brought me out a book to read. one of his favorites. I go up to their house probably once a week. last time cody was like you never hit me up any more just tyler. what's up with that? ( sarcasticly) then I invited them both to my birthday party. Cody couldn't come but tyler did. cody wss mesaging me the other day and felt it nessicary to tell me ryler had company over so he was lerting him do his thing. the other night I went up stayed up a all night with them. Cody fell asleep I took tyler to look at my sisters car she's selling. on our way back tyler told me if I wanted to take a nap at his house I was welcome to before driving home. to which I declined because I needed to get home to my dog to let her out. it wasn't an excuse it was true. probably just sounded bad haha. then still driving a few mins later he looks at me and was like so you have to go home? I said yeaj.. he said because if your dog. I said yes. guys please help I really like this guy bit I've been out of this whole dating thing for a long time and can't read a guy to save my life.


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  • Sounds like he likes you. But then again I would wonder if something was going on with this other girl he was supposedly with. Also, it sounds like this cody guy might not be too happy about you liking his roommate. That could make things difficult.

    I would just straight up ask tyler if he wants to go on a proper date some time? Why beat around the bush. Worse thing that can happen is he says no.

  • He was rude