What should I do?

So i just made out with a younger girl (16) at a random party , we had a pretty great time but she left me after third time i couldnt answer that what is her name (later i found out). I lied to her about my name, non exist girlfriend and few other things... I dont really like to put effort online to hook up with her but i like to fuck her. Should i send friend request or wait till i meet her randomly? Im 22 by the way.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Forget it.
    She is too good for a dude like you, plus too young and naive.

    • I could apolagize and use her naivity to reach my goal, lol im a bit dick of this viewpoint.

    • haha Forgiven, Honest John and thanks for your like but no lick.

What Guys Said 2

  • man she is too younger for u as per law don't go behind her this is my personal advice

    • In our country if she agreed to fuck with me its okay.

    • ok than send her a friend request and talk to her if she is interested than she wil move forward otherwise find another

  • That's a steep sentence my dude. Probably not worth it