What could my ex be trying to do?

We dated for 2 years, she left me for another guy 9 months ago. I've been heavy NC majority of the time.

Last last Wednesday she sent me a random "hey" text this is when I broke NC after 5 months. I just replied "hey" back she asked "what am I doing" I said "working" even though I wasn't. She asked " if I was doing good" I didn't reply back. 5 hours later she sends another text "hope you have a good night". I didn't reply back I went back NC because why do I need to talk to her.

Next morning she sends me a picture of me and her and goes "I remember every thing that happen this day" I broke NC and just said "good times". She replied back I ignored her.

2 days later she randomly text "hey, do you want to go on a adventure with me" I'm back NC it's day 3 I don't plan on breaking it anytime soon.

I heard her and the guy she left me for are having serious problems, they have for a while. I laugh and say Karma is real.

i don't understand her reaching out so heavily lately.


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  • Forget about her. She's trying to get back together with you.


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  • Probably she realised that she made a mistake for leaving you with another guy and she wanted to get back too you, but its too late, karma hit her ;)