Why is my guy friend asking me to grab a bite or to come hang out at his apt if he has no intention of actually following thru? Does he want Sex?

He has only hung out with me really only once, he will hug me and start rubbing my back and then say things like Do you want to grab a bite to eat sometime? Or you are welcome to come hang out at my house whenever you want. I went by his apartment the other day and nothing happened between us. I am thinking he wants sex but I have no way to know how to really know for sure. Why is he asking me to grab a bite, or to come over his house if he has no intention of ever answering my call or text messages? What should I do? Is he playing games? Does he want Sex? I actually am very very attracted to him and I feel like he is attracted to me by his back rubs long embracing hugs he has had held my hand before too. Is He looking for Sex if so why isn't he making a move? This is so confusing!! Guys what's he want here?


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  • Keep trying. He may be a bit shy and simply asking you is his current maximum level of his comfort zone and he needs to get more confidence before he can go further.


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  • ... I went by his apartment the other day and nothing happened between us...
    Stop Over thinking this, @Jesster74, it appears from where I am Sitting he just may Have a Crush on you.
    Go Slow with Joe. Nurse and Nurture first thing first, a nice Friendship. You never Know where it may Go and Right now, not Seeing the Sheets in my own Head in the Bed.
    As far as these Signs of the Times with "Calls and Texts," he Could be a Coy Boy on this End.
    Good luck and Welcome to gag. xx

    • Paris13 that day I saw him he took a sip of my beverage and I had lipstick stains on the cup he looked into my eyes and smiled there is definitely sexual tension because he will hug me and rub my back too. The past week he has ignored me I feel it is because I sent him a picture of me hugging my other friend Michael.. How to proceed? Do I let him go forever? Is that what he wants?

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    • Married Michael? Oh, Lord, okay, well, tell your bud this. lol
      Yes, text or talk. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • Well, of course he wants sex (eventually), what else would he want?

  • He might want sex but I want you to chat with me here first lol


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