Guys, if you're 35 would you rather date another girl around your age, or get a younger more attractive girl?

Younger women are also more fun

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  • This question isn't biased at all...

    • How so?

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    • But you can't deny that you still tried...
      And we aren't property to have "value". 😒

    • All people have value, I'm not trying to do anything. It's just facts. It's been proven that men look for youth, women look for resources

Most Helpful Guy

  • Christ on a crutch, have you SEEN most over-30 women? Yikes. And on top of looking haggard, they've got a bad attitude, a vastly inflated sense of entitlement, and usually at least two gash goblins. Fuck NO.

    Young, pretty, and still a good personality. It's the only way to fly.


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  • My wife and I are 5 years apart. That's as young as I would go. I wouldn't go any younger than 30 if I was single as a relationship has to built on more than "fun".

  • I wouldn't date a girl over 30, those looks go downhill fast. Id be looking for a girl in the early years of college.

  • If I'm not already in a relationship sometime before or around that age, then I think I'm just going to stay single and celibate instead of ever seeing, dating or even try to date any girl anymore.

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