I just dont understand her?

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I go out with this girl a lot we have become very close she hangs out with me more than anyone she is involved with my family is always doing things for me and i help her out a lot the way she talks and acts around me is that of a girlfriend why would she invest so much time in my life if she is not my girlfriend she has even noted how many similarities we have last week she found out her brothers cancer cane back i tried being there for her and she pushed me away i told her to come to me if she needed anything and she said okay i then found out she went over to my friends trailer she works with him but they hardly know each other the guy is 38 years old and she told me she cried in his arms i dont understand why she didn't come to me after i told her i was here for her is it because she didn't want me to see her vulnerable or what its killing me inside i know she probably likes me back but won't take that step towards a relationship


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  • Umm, I think she considers you a friend.

  • She just wants a friend


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