It's the girls responsibility to respond if she interested, right?

I went to the cafeteria and there was a girl I thought was really cute taking up a medium sized table. I walked over and said "Are you saving this whole table for a party?" And she laughed and said I could sit down.

So I sat down and stared at my order number and asked her "what's your order number?"
"Huh. Mine is taking forever, it's weird how scattered the orders come out"
And she smiled at me.
And I smiled back.
And I just kinda waited for her to say something like i just did twice. but she never did.
She got up, looked straight at me, paused and smiled again, and then she left...

I don't know maybe she had a boyfriend, but she seemed pretty flirty what with the smiling and glancing at me.


What Girls Said 2

  • Smiling and looking at somebody - or being nice/polite to them is not necessarily flirting. Sorry but I do not think she was interested, probably just felt awkward. Things like this have happened to me many times and usually I do not know exactly what to do. You have to remember that pretty girls get approached like this almost every day.

  • No it's not her job and it's possible she was shy and didn't know what to say. I get flustered when guys talk to me.

    • Oh :/ i feel really bad I lost her.

    • I'm sorry you lost her too. But hey. If it was meant to be maybe you'll run into her again.

What Guys Said 1

  • She might think you're handsome or she thinks you're handsom and she isdating someone els e

    • Oh trust me I'm not handsome. Just funny/witty, hence I always open with a joke and not a stunning smile 😂