Girls, Should I ask this girl out?

I am currently in 8th grade and I like one if the girls in my gym class. I really like her she is nice, pretty, and athletic. My only problem is we have the same group of friends (which makes it awkward if she says no) and I think her best friend likes me. I try to flirt with my crush but she only flirts back when her best friend isn't around. This seems like a controversial problem because I'm friends with her best friend and we have 3 out 6 classes together. I'm not really sure what to do. In addition my dad is pushing my to get a girlfriend.


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  • Well don't worry about dad thinks at this stage. It is up to you on the girlfriend front, but he is being nice and supportive which is great. I suggest that the 2 of you don't make it a big thing about 'asking her/him out'. That makes it stressful. Just arrange to spend more time with her, talk with her more, set up assignments together, hang out together more. Things will develop naturally from there. It seems that her best friend has a crush on you and so she is being a good friend and not encouraging you and looking like she is stealing you from her best friend. You could of course talk to her best friend and confide in her that you really like her friend. Always a challenge, but if you really like someone, make sure you tell them somehow, we cannot read boys' minds.

    • Thank that was really helpful

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    • she said no

    • A little sad, but no big deal. Carry on being same friend as before with normal chat and everything. She will have been flattered by you asking. Maybe in a few weeks she may even ask you...,

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