What were her real intentions and what should my next move be?

there's this girl who is 2 years younger than me (I'm 22, she's 20) and I've known her for 3 years. We live in the same town and she is friendly with my sister (same age as her). We worked as lifeguards in the summer for 2 years and got to know each other. We were dating other people at the time and talked to each other about our relationships and how she wants to be a nurse and I want to be a doctor. I've always kinda had a feeling that she was into me and my ex girlfriend used to get annoyed when this girl would talk to her about me a lot and say I was good looking to her. After we stopped working we kinda lost touch and I didn't see her for a while. This past Friday I saw her out and we were both pretty drunk at the time. We talked for a while and she was being very flirty and kept saying that I should text her sometime. She even grabbed my arm at one point and said I'm very muscular. She also suggested that we should get breakfast the next morning. When she left the bar she texted me "hey" at 3:30 am and I responded at 4:10 (I was still out with my buddies) and asked her to get breakfast the next day as she suggested. The next afternoon, she texted me asking how my night was and we texted throughout the day. I texted her again the next day and got a couple of responses, but then I said something else (wasn't a question) and didn't get a response so that was the end of it. Here are my questions - first, even though she was drunk, was it still a sign that she's into me and interested in me THAT way? I tend to think so because I am interested in her, I was also drunk and was intentionally sending her signals as well. The other thing is that I'm only home for a couple of days (usually away at school) and she commutes to a local school, so I feel like I don't have time to pursue it more right now. But I want to. I also feel hesistant about texting her again too soon since she stopped responding last time (2 days ago). Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • Yes, that was a clear sign that she is into you. But do not text her very often. She is one of those girls who stop responding if the guy is overly eager to message her.


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  • Pretty much the exact same thing happened with me yesterday.. and I don't know what her deal really is.. I chose to respect her and not let it get to me.. we have the same group of friends so it's unavoidable, still, I don't understand

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