Whenever I like someone I remind myself their body isn't perfect?

Oh, and my definition of perfect isn't far fetched.

Basically I'm a short dude. I want a girl who is at least a little shorter than me.
I want a skinny girl with a smooth pretty face.
I want big or small breasts but not non existant, and I don't care about the butt.
I want long hair.
I dont care about skin color.
Basically a petite girl.

The thing is every girl who's personality I fall for is nothing like this. She's usually my height/width, has no breasts, and short hair.
Basically never a petite girl.

It's not that Im attracted to her body and just think I'm not, it's that her personality is spot on but her body never is!!

I don't know, is this dumb? One half of me says "don't date someone you're not physically attracted to"
the other half says "damnit I'm so fucking lonely, just date someone before I blow my brains out."


What Girls Said 1

  • Why does it matter? I mean, if you like the other person, you always see them as perfect. At least that's what happens to me.


What Guys Said 2

  • On paper, there are certain characteristics I find attractive. But I often meet girls who have different characteristics and are attractive nonetheless. If you're attracted to a girl, you're attracted to her appearance. You may think this is what you like, and maybe ideally it is, but you may also like other body types as well.

  • Eh, sounds like you just have preferences, each to their own, personally I couldn't give a fuck what she looks like because I look like absolute shit myself. So, whatever floats your boat I guess