Is taking her kid with us on our first date ok?

This is purely hypothetical. A psychological question. Intentionally restrictive in options.

Assume 2 good friends decide they wish to be more however due to time and distance both have limited available times to go out. One solution is to wait, say, 2 weeks. The other is that they go out while she has her 10yo daughter visiting. The guy has met the child a few times and they get along ok most of the time. A babysitter isn't possible.
For a first date: is taking them both out to, say, a fair ground, a park, or a kids appropriate concert- something everyone can enjoy- ok?


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  • Noooooo. You never bring kids on a first date. You don't even introduce them until you're seriously dating.

    • For the scenario of 2 people meeting and going out i would agree but in this scenario the introduction has already happened as they have been friends for a while. They have socialised together with the kid before.
      Does this change your opinion?

    • It doesn't matter. You don't involve children in frivolous affairs.

    • Fair enough.

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  • I ain't getting cockblocked by a kid. Im 21 i want dont want to date women with kids.

    Its a no from me.

    • Not really in the spirit of the question.
      The people involved dont care that they have a kid. The question is: is it appropriate to take the kid?

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  • I don't really see anything wrong with it. Especially if you're 30+ y/o.

    • This isn't about me but with a 10yo kid i think we can assume 30+.
      But thats an interesting point, how do you see age making a difference?

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    • I dunno I suppose I think so because you'd kind of expect a younger person to be free and explore their options more, instead of settling with someone who has traces of a failed relationship.

    • I understand.

  • If you have already met her daughter then I don't see any problems but you shouldn't take your kids on every first date you have.

  • Pay attention to her kid a lot
    Girls like that
    But I wouldn't bring him until like the 3rd date

    • I think the 'girls like it when you are good with kids' angle is part of the scenario here. Although she already knows this from previous outings as friends so is there a point in doing it again here?
      But, ok, you go with not until 3rd date. Cool.

  • How old is she?

    • 30-40 years old

    • Thought so. I would freak out if she was like 25.