Guys, What's the difference between a girl you hook up with and a girl you want to date?

Ok guys well I'm in the wonderful world of dating 😩 a lot of the time I'm bad at reading people because I use my heart instead of my head! So as you can imagine I end up getting hurt a lot...
So what are the differences between a girl you'd like to just have sex with and a girl who's girlfriend material?
I mean her traits (personality and appearance wise) but also what you're willing to do for each? Would you take a hook up on proper dates, would you pay for anything, text her at all unless it was to hang out for sex?
Bullet points would probably be easier to read haha.


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  • First of all, I don't hook up. If a girl is girlfriend material, I will both date her and hook up with her in the process. If she is not girlfriend material, then I will want nothing to do with her.

    Girlfriend material = all of the standard likeable traits (ie: kind, caring, funny, etc.) PLUS traits such as being modest, sexually conservative, and sometimes being rather shy is a bonus.

    • Thank you! I guess it's different for each person. He did say if he is no longer interested he just cuts it off so I'd rather he be honest and do that if he doesn't want me as a girlfriend...

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  • The hook up one is I think one who you are attracted to, physically
    The girl you date is a woman who is also attractive to you on the Inside

  • hook up means : just lust and sex,
    dating means : looking for a relationship
    it more depends on the guy that what he's looking for.

    • Would you take a hook up out for food, I mean like in a restaurant.

    • well comparing food with a hook up is really confusing for me.
      i'd more prefer dating

  • I don't do hook ups, but I do dating and what makes me want to date a woman is how she interacts with me, how well we get on, if she shares the same values I have and if I am attracted to her.

    • Thank you! Getting some good advice here haha! He has taken me on 2 dates so far and he won't let me pay... I made sure I payed last time cause I'm not using him as an atm machine. He laughs a lot when we're talking, the conversation flows well, I'm just concerned about getting hurt again as I have been dumped straight after having sex with a guy before.

    • Then don't have sex before you get serious commitment from you. If a guy is a decent man and he genuinely wants a serious relationship, he'll wait.

  • hookup - sexy as hell, lovely boobs, butt and good for sex

    Date - A girl with a great heart <3

    • What if she has both? :P not saying I do, just asking the question haha

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    • Thank you! He mentioned meeting my sister and everything... but I wasn't sure if he was saying that to make it seem like he wants something serious or whether he actually does and wouldn't bat an eyelid about meeting my family or friends. I've known him from college but not as well then as I do now as we were only in one class a week. He's coming out with me and my friends this weekend so I'm hoping they can help me out! I did say I won't have sex until I'm exclusive with someone and he agreed so fingers crossed he isn't just saying that... Guess I'll find out haha.

    • Sounds like an exciting time ahead. Remeber to breath and take your time. Guys can be confused too, so be open to him and lets see what happens. I wish the both of you the very best. Enjoy, love is a great experience... sometimes its not logical process, so use your feelings and logic together. All the best, enjoy the weekend :)

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