Fellow brothers, do you ever get bored of dating a few girls at a time only to find that none of them are right?

I never lack girls around me, as I'm successful, fun and intelligent. I also treat the ladies right by being a gentleman. I love getting to know people and sex just happens but right after sex I just lose interest or starts to see flaws in them and find that I can't be with them.

I really want to look for the one.


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  • I'm not a brother, but if you really want to look for true love you might want to focus on one person at a time to really get to know if there is potential.

    • isn't that more time wasted?

    • Talking to multiple people at once would only allow you to get to know them on a very surface level. If you want love you have to get to know them on a deeper level to form emotional attachment

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  • Same. I really really like a woman until I have sex with her, one thing that worked for (not by choice) was a woman that restrained from fucking me for about a month by the end of the month I really liked everything about her, even after it felt better/

    • I hear you bro. After a month I would be in relationship with her. Even so I would still see the flaws and feel trapped

    • One woman only did foreplay with me after 2 weeks I still lost interest even we didn't go all the way

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  • Cassic player trait, i. e., always looking for the next best woman :'). Perhaps you would appreciate a woman with boundaries a lot more; not someome who jumps into bed with you because of your success, good looks, & charming nature. You're not connected to these girls emotionally, so obviously you'll feel this way... It could also just be a phase you're going through. If you decide to take your dating life seriously though, I recommend you do so & put everything else behind you - Remember, you have a choice, nobody is forcing you to do anything. I honestly just think these women fail to connect to any man emotionally. If you genuinely love someone, you're bound to look past their flaws, you won't care - guaranteed. You just need a woman who makes you feel good around her; a woman who treats you like a man & appreciates your masculinity.

    • You are probably right. The one who doesn't give in to my last request I respected her more. I wanted her o meet my friends after 2 dates. As soon as I kiss her on 3ed date I stopped inviting her to meet my friends. Then after introducing my friends ro her in fifth date. She failed. She slept with me even if it was just foreplay and it stays as foreplay until 10th date. She failed to connect with me that's why I bolted.

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    • @Ishtar THANK YOU, my girl. 🙌

    • I read your comments and I share similar values with you, just watch out for men who fast forward you to relationship to get sex. Good luck xx

  • Well, sex seems to be what brings this about.
    Is it because you're not sexually compatible?

    • Probably, some I haven't had sex with. I don't try to sleep with all girls I dated. Sure I would be happy to do so, but I respect the girls too. I'm happy with whatever they are comfortable with, even though it mostly ended with sex. Some only ended with foreplay, and doesn't escalate after that and i stopped seeing them before sex.

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    • Yes I do like her as a friend. That's a good idea. Anyway she hasn't reached out since then, she probably didn really want me that bad

    • Maybe she just took that as a copout

  • At your age you should be having offspring not having girls around you.

    • That's harsh LOL

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    • That would make sense about dating a few at once, so they don't get attached to any of them. Just chase, having fun, building things, when it's getting to serious direction they just run, then repeat the cycle.

    • Girls keep telling me about my life. I really need to hear it as you both apparently know more about it than I do.

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  • Narcissism at it's finest. You're not really looking for love if you're having casual sex and kicking them to the curb once you get bored.

    • I've never kicked anyone to the curb. I treat them nicely, I pay for all dates and I even pay for taxi for them to go home.

    • "right after sex I just lose interest or start to see flaws in them"
      That's petty. What didn't you see in them before getting the booty? Maybe if you took the time to stay committed to that one person and waited until you were positive that's how you felt about her; you would have seen the flaws or whatever before you got those legs open. Now instead of wanting to cuddle or even watch tv after sex, you sit there and think to yourself "She's not good enough for me." You call a cab, tell her the sex was cool or whatever, but she's just not what you wanted and you're done; on to the next bitch.
      I have a friend who constantly goes through what you're doing to these women. The only difference is that with my friend, the genders are swapped. He's the guy looking to date someone and they flirt, date, do the dirty dance then before he even realizes it, they end up leaving and wasting his time by finding those little flaws or losing interest.
      Call it what you want, but when it happens to you

    • Projecting much? You are taking things out of context. I order taxi not only after sex, Sometimes the girl sleep over, they should really leave and go to work, but if they want to go home first and it's too early for me to drive I would order a taxi. Or sometimes if a girl come over to see me in between her other plans. I always drive them there or I would order a taxi.

      I do cuddle when I watch TV with them.

  • The most effective way is to spin plates. Fuck/DATE multiple girls at the same time and find out which u like most.

    After all that's what most girls are doing.

    • That's what I've been doing, it does get tiring.

    • I agree. Have a lot of options. It's a very good dating strategy, except, for a woman, sleeping with her options, isn't right in my opinion. I understand men have the need for sex, it's a MUST; women don't produce over 300 million sperms p/day, so sloozy behaviour isn't acceptable for a woman. Any woman who detests the double standard, simply doesn't understand men; they try to compete with men instead - BIG mistake. You can't compete with a different species.

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