Can someone decode this date for me?

So I went on a date with a foreign girl. She seemed interested at first but on the date she seemed to send mixed signals.

First she would play with her rings a bit. She would look into my eyes but not come close to me. She would look away from me from time to time. Forward the end of the date she was looking away quite a bit and this really seemed like she wasn't interested.

But in general while we were dating she seemed to laugh at my stuff but I had to do most of the work which really was draining for me. I wish she would have talked a bit more. All of the questions she seemed to deflect them on me for some reason.

She would play with her rings during the entire date. I don't know if she was nervous or something.

Near the end of the date she got a message and she seemed a bit upset or something like that. After that message we stayed another 10 minutes or so and then she said we had to go.

It wasn't always talking. Sometimes it was just silence.

Before the date she also texted me as she wanted to meet earlier for some reason.

At the end she said something like "maybe you should call me if you want us to hang again". I don't get it, she doesn't seem that interested into me.


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  • I don't think she was that interested in you as well.

    • She put a lot of pressure on me. I felt like I always had to make her laugh, say nice things. I kind of backed off because I didn't want to try to meet someone else's expectations. She would become cold when I didn't meet her expectations.

    • And I didn't want to hurt her feelings by not meeting those expectations...

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  • She was probably nervous

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