Why would a girl you've never met keep your contact number?

As in I've talked to her on and off for months even though we haven't met. What's this girls logic? Or is it as straightforward as "She obviously wants to meet me". Girls, help me out plz? What other reason would you keep a guys number for?


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  • I have no clue. Maybe she liked you at some point.


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  • she just wants someone to chat to. I don't think she wants to meet you. I notice girls do this a lot.

    • She has hinted recently though. Maybe i grew on her lol.

    • Bro. been there. Ask her if she can meetup if she says she's busy than tell her to get back to you with a time. if she is interested she will if she's not than she won't.

      In my experience if they are interested they will ask you- not directly- to meetup. that's why I think if it's been that long she just likes the attention.