I don't know what to do?

My boyfriend and I are long distance, for now. I'm seeing him in a few months. His phones been acting up and I haven't talked to him in a few days. He means so much to me, we always discuss future and kids. But sometimes it sucks because I'm stressed and have anxiety, and can't talk to him always. Sometimes I wonder do I give up someone who I think is the one for someone who is closer. And please no one say, it's over if I'm asking this. I'm a stressed out person, and sometimes coming here for advice is helpful. :/


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  • Never give up on love for distance. Make sure it is real love though and not just strong like.

    Why are you long distance? Can one of you make a move to be closer, if the relationship is that serious, which it sounds like it is.

    • We are both finishing school, I'm actually going there to visit next year and a 99% chance I'm going there for college. Just sometimes it's hard not talking to him, but. I wonder if we Skype and talk on the phone more that'll help

    • I know its hard to be away from someone you love. Yes you need to find a way to communicate more, and if he loves you like you love him, he will be willing to do what it takes. Good luck and look forward to the time you are together.

    • Thank you:)

  • Long distance relationship are doomed to be hard, ofcourse you didn't give specific information like whats the distance between you two, also age etc. If the distance isn't THAT far and your age is over 18, you can think of moving together which would help both of you.
    Now if he does live far away and/or your a young couple its going to get even harder to keep up the relationship, knowing you will not see each other that often is a pain when ever you have to leave each other and also that its making you stressed...
    Ultimately it comes down to the circumstanses and your own mind.

    • I'm in Washington and he's in NYC. And sadly my thing didn't give my correct age. I'm almost 17. I'm going there in a few months and going there for college in less than two years

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    • Well this is a good long distance relationship, its not like he's living in another country, so keeping in mind what future can hold can help up the stress

    • Ok:) thank you so much

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  • When was the last time you communicated and why is his phone acting up? Can't he use another person's phone?

    • It was Saturday :( and I don't know