Girl doesn't want a Relationship... yet. What to do?

Hey guys and gurls!

I need your help... I am dating a girl who I really like. And she really really likes me back.
I am giving some examples to show at which state the relationship is at the moment.

At the moment we are meeting once a week and have a beautiful time. Sexy time and all and mostly she stays over night.
The following statements are there to provide an idea of what our relationship is at.
Things she said:
She finds me hugely attractive to the state that she said to her roommate "I dont care if he only wants to get me laid".
She also said that she doesn't understand why I like her since I am out of her league.
She loves how I smell and can't get enough of it.
She loves kuddling with me, and we can lay down staring at each other for actual hours.
She said she had the best sex in her life with me.
She said she loves my character and particularly that I am intelligent clever and nice.
Every time she goes home she's flashed for a day or two.

And I really like her too. I love her looks, her character her way and to be honest I just love how its feeling to be with her. I could easily get addicted to that.
I really would like to have her as my girlfriend.

But here lays the issue.

She kind of blocks it when I try to meet her more than once a week. And after two days after we met she allways kind of gets a bit colder and seems to want me to not write her till we meet again.

She is out of a 4 year relationship since two month which she had a hard time to break out of. She broke off with him 3 times.
And she says she doesn't want to be commited right now.

She even said to me the second time we dated that she is sad she didn't meet me 2 month later (implying thats when she would have been ready for a relationship again)

I on the other hand seem to be way to pushing forward. I would rather be in a relationship with her yesterday than tomorrow.

The question is this: What do you girls say? Is there a chance to get this into a relationsship and if yes - how.


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  • There is a chance. However, you have to play it off as a little indifferent. I know that it may sound as a terrible advice, but she seems like the type of girl that if you start showing her that you care a lot, odds are that she's going to be scared away. At least, that's what I think.


What Guys Said 1

  • 1, you're pushing for it and 2, she doesn't want what you're pushing for.

    give it time and just be happy for now.

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