Is he jealous or just trying to alert me?

My guyfriend asked me to tell a guy to stop staring at me. Why?

Him: Can you tell him to stop doing that?
Me: Who?
Him: Him. (Rolls his eyes over to the right)
Me: What is he doing?
Him: You don't see? Everytime I walk by he's always staring at you. You dont see that?
Me: Wait he's stares at me? That's creepy
Him: Are you serious, you dont see?
Me: that's creepy shut up!
Him: Ok

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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe he is jealous, but i dont think is enough info to jump to conclussions.

    • What info would I need?

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    • Maybe he is jealous, but as you said he is only trying to protect you, I dont think there's something wrong about that.

    • Why is he mad at such a small thing? Should i apologize? Or ignore? Like it was so awkward all day today cause he was mad and everyone knew he was mad at me. Everytime he walk by they tell me "he's coming". So weird especially cause we sit by eachother

What Girls Said 1

  • Definitely jealous

    • Is it possible that maybe he is just creeped out and trying to protect me?