What is this guys intentions for me?

So i met this guy at work 8 months ago and have been talking to him 4 months. Anyway last week he asked me on a date and i said i couldnt and scheduled for the next day. Anyway he ended up rain checking and never rescheduled the day. So last night we got into an argument because he asked me when he would get kisses from me and that made me mad seeing as tho he never rescheduled our date. why would he ask? so we started fighting and i said to him , okay be busy but whose busy for this long? his excuses were vague and he said he has no time for love. Then he says relatioships take time blah blah blah. what gives? is he playing me?


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  • yes he is and most girls go for the not so clear guy and end up being hurt in the wallet before then guy moves on to better girl for him.


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  • If he's asking for kisses like that and not going out of his way to reschedule, then yea he's just trying to fuck

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