He is talking to me, and said if we could hang out when he comes back. Is he interested?

We made out like 4 months ago when we were at a party and we were both drunk. The thing is that everyone saw it and later on I found out that he actually has a girlfriend but nobody knew about it. People made a video of us making out then sended to his girlfriend... i felt terrible at that time... and i didn't know untill 2 weeks later. The next day after the party when I went back to school and walked past him and his friend, my friend told me they all turned around and looked at me. Sometime we would say hi at school and I would try avoid him bcs he had girlfriend and I dont want to cause any problem. Anyway now he broke up with his girlfriend and he texted me like asking i m doing and he wants to hang out when he comes back.(it is the first time he ever texted me) Is he interested?


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  • Let me give you a cue, I'm a guy... When a guy asks a girl to hang out... He's interested... I don't think the impulse of wanting to be around you would be there if he wasn't.

    • thanks for the info!

    • Yea, I think in our days everyone is going on and is worried about double bladed demands, and hidden cues in messages, I don't think you need that. If a guy by himself decides that he wants to hang out with a girl and consciously asks her out anywhere, I think he's interested... After that he may decide you're not right for him or you're just a friend etc I don't know... But usually from the start there's a 98% certainty he's attracted to you

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  • He defiitely wants to bang you.