Hello everyone! How do I be sexy?

Heya! Well, I'm a 21female, and im not good at the whole being sexy or sexual for that matter. Well, anyways.

I have this boyfriend, he's really amazing! I just noticed he's not having much fun with sex anymore. (Due to living with each other for a short time, and seeing each other every waking minute lol)
I just don't feel sexy at all, I never did really but, I was starting too for abit.
I buy outfits to Make me feel better, like I have a cat outfit, with a bell collar, leather undies and bra, sexy pink see threw night gown. For right now.
(Been looking for work for awhile)

But yeah anyways, what are some ways to turn man on? I really suck at making the first move.. and keeping it hot and wanting more!! Help please! I really lack sexual experience:c


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  • I would recommend having a conversation on the matter with your partner. We could give you dozens of suggestions but the fact is, you two need to be able to discuss these matters comfortably. That is really the only way you can be sure you are both getting maximum enjoyment from your relationship over the long-haul. The more comfortable you two get in sharing your individual kinks the better the sex will get and most likely the more comfortable you two will become in other aspects of your relationship. take the opportunity to really get to know your partber and let him get to know you, opening up like this can be wonderful for your relationship and personally liberating. Good luck!

    • thank you (:
      we have been dating almost 9 months, and we have opened up a lot about our sexual preferences, I know to an extend. I just dont know how to act on them! :P

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  • Sit on his lap, rub yourself against him, touch him lightly on his neck, touch his lips, play with your hair, rub your leg against his leg, look at him seductively, whisper to him sexy stuff and similar crap...


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  • that is so nice that you make the first move😀 you dont wait for your boyfriend to come and jump you. you can while he's away or out of the house/apartment snoop arpund his cpmputer? if he has one to himself. men even though they have a girlfriend watch some kind of porn. outfits and roleplay and sextoys are a good idea. i see you like costumes and a little kink thats good men like a pervy girl. as a pervy guy😀 youde get my attention wearing a mask with a leather outfit or tienf me to the bed. or putting a cockstrap on my man hood and saying you dont cum untill i say so. of you dont know what a cockstrap is its a litfle leather strap that men wear to stay hard and not cum too soon. men who wear it find it very hard to cum. it fits arount the base of the penis and around the balls if its tight enough you cannot cum. masks or hoods that cover ypur face or one that cover his head are a good way to control him if you like domination control of him. blindfolds. tieing him to the bed. a gloved hand job with leather gloves.

    • it's just, he is always making the first move! and I feel bad about it hahah, I'm really into taking control, but he doesn't like the women with much Control besides a belt around the neck or me choking him and grabbing his ass. which sucks because I want to do so much with him haha.

      but with me, he throws me around a lot, pins me down. that kinda stuff I like it, but it's nothing tooooo extreme.

      and I have have before, and haven't really found anything, he deletes most of his porn history.
      (I have a problem with porn, that I'm still trying to get over, he's actually willing to stop porn to make me happy) which makes me feel bad, but great at the same time.

      anyways back to topic haha

      one night when my cat outfit came in the mail I wore it, and he came home from work, I couldn't help but feel so awkward and giggle haha. XD thanks for the advice tho (:

  • For me little things like waking up to a blowjob. Random sex around the house. Coming home from a hard day to you bent over on the bed naked spreading your pussy open begging for his cock.

    Trying new things anal, 3 some, gang bang etc...

    Wearing costume ann summers etc by toys to play with explore him spend time no sex just touching each other in places and speak and talk ask each other what you like what they like. Help find there spots they like to be touched etc.

    Blowjob or hand job take him to the point of cum ming and stop just before and just kiss his cock suck his balls and finish him off with just your mouth :) hope some bits help lol xxxx

    • like I've always wanted to climb up on him hard, and give him a surprise blow job in the morning.
      but I'm just WAY to scared to get turned down.. I wanna talk dirty to him, but I really suck at that.

    • Just do it wake up grab that cock and suck it babe he will love it send it straight to the back of your throat and make that cock yours you control it message me private got some more stuff for u xx

  • Confidence turns me on instantly

  • ask your boyfriend what turns him on the most, ask him his sexual fantasies and his fetishes

    • he's told me what he likes, lots of outfits! but I just don't want to look sexy, I want to come off as sexy.
      like with my words:P

    • actions help too xD

    • yeah i know thats why i told you to ask him his sexual fantasies and his fetishes

  • Do you know what were your boyfriend trun on?

  • starts with yourself. to be sexy to others, you need to be sexy, to yourself

    • I have NO IDEA how to do that.. :P
      so, feel sexy again then it should be good haha? XD

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