We work together... he asked me out... but ended up flaking. I'm seeing him tomorrow?

So we have known each other for awhile. We get along great, we talk about a lot of personal shit. Our aspirations and inspirations. Even our sex life. Both single. We flirt. But, since I made it known I was quiting (better offer of pay somewhere else) he decided to take me out. He called about work first one night and then it escalated to that question. "We can get dinner... blah blah... you and me". I said sure after work we would head to a nice place, that weekend. Day shows up. We hadn't contacted each other since. I was still expecting to go though. And, he wasn't working but showed up TWICE to do shit at our workplacd. No word to me. Nothing. Then took a coworker instead out for another plan. I honestly was disappointed since I haven't gone out with anyone in a while. Anyways I got over it... but why would someone do that? Im such a dumb ass for overthinking and not being a boss bitch with a idgaf attitude. But Im such an emotional being and honestly I did see us maybe hooking up in the future. After this though I'm not sure. Logical reasoning? I could only think he forgot... he forgot huh?

Dam y'all. Gave me a realization. I knew my self. confidence was low. But... damn.


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  • He didn't forget. If they guy flaked on your date it's because
    (A) you did something to scare him off or
    (B) he already had one or more girls he was interested in / dating and you were a side item

    • Your right. He was messing around with someone else. Oh well. Do i just avoid the subject next time we talk?

    • If he asked you out on an actual date - as in I'll see you Saturday at 7 - then bring it up. If he wasnr specific then no let it go. Confronting him only shows you are still interested and he'll think he can still have you as a side item

    • He told me he would meet me after work that day, help me with a few things. And then that. But yeah. I'm just going to act like I didn't remember lol I'm sure he won't say anything. Could had been fun though sigh. Thank u:)

  • No matter what the reason, it was unkind. I'm not sure anyone would have a idgaf attitude. Maybe they'd pretend to, but actually having it… no way. Sorry this happened to you.

    I have a couple guesses, neither of which are going to make you feel better about this: He sees you more as a friend and got "a better offer". He likes you a lot and sees it headed toward commitment and that scares him.

    Either way, he's either cruel or cowardly or both. I highly doubt it's forgetfulness. Better to find out now than when you're really involved.

    Sorry again. Good luck in love!

    • No worries. Im pretty sure now it is another girl. I honestly didn't like him that much to worry but I can see now he is a pussy lol thanks

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  • Man, what a dick! You are better off without him. Fuck him, I'm pissed for you now.

    • Lol thank u. He is an asshole!

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