Would a guy ever want to be with me?

I was in a relationship for 3 years, we were engaged and I trusted him with my life. I shouldn't have because he destroyed me. He had cheated on me with several girls in the beginning and flirted with other girls throughout our relationship because he was insecure and needed approval from the other sex.

He was heartbroken and so was I when I eventually broke things off. I realised I would always feel insecure about myself around him and never be abld to trust him completely again so I had to end it. I'm not sure I'll ever find anyone that'll get me the way he did, we were amazing together, like one person. We just met eachother at a time where he wasn't mature enough.

And so here I am, newly single with a non-existent confidence, wondering if a guy would ever want to be with a girl like me or if I should start buying cats and collecting vases already. I'm obviously not ready to date yet, but I'm kind of at the stage where I'm thinking about the future.

I get compliments all the time, been asked to do runway, and guys still ask me out, so I'm probably not unattractive. But then again my fiance cheated on me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Would you be able to be with someone with a low confidence?


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  • Your fiance cheating on you says nothing about you. That was his problem, not yours. Getting compliments, being asked out and being asked to do runway is a pretty good indicator that you're attractive.

    Sure I think guys would want to be with you. Low confidence is more of a hindrance for guys than girls. I do think you may need to put yourself out there though and be vulnerable. You need to be open and ready as not everything will be smooth. Don't take rejection personally and try out new things and perhaps date a few guys to see which one (s) you click with most.


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  • you just need to rebuild yourself.
    Get back to your roots
    what makes you happy
    what do you like doing, hobbies, friends, interests.
    whatever you like doing.
    Once you have a life again you can start to look for people to join you in that life


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  • "should start buying cats and collecting vases "

    It's far to premature for that, you've got lots of life let in you and plenty to give a worthy partner.

    Try being kinder to your self and maybe take some time to get over the trauma of being so deeply betrayed.

  • Yes! there is nothing wrong with you. an asshole broke your heart and you react because you are human and you have emotions. Don't worry, you will be fine


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