What should I do about her?

I understand that she doesn't see me as more than a friend or maybe she does and thats why she acts like this but i spend a lot of time with this girl and she never says no to hanging out with me but she hardly ever texts me first and i dont understand my one of my best friends is friends with her and she rejected him yet she was always asking him to do stuff and always texting him she has told me numerous times she has no feelings for him she keeps in contact with everyone but me if she doesn't like me then why does she always agree to go out with me and spends time with my family and she's always asking my friend if she annoys me or if i dont like her and asking questions about me so when i finally do start getting closer with her she starts acting distant when we go out in a group she sort of gives me the cold shoulder or cracks jokes at me but when we're alone she is fine if i mention another girl she interupts me and changes the subject she is playing so many mind games with me should i just keep my distance from her or what?


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