What would you think if you say this on a dating profile?

I came across a girls dating profile on a website, and have no interest in replying to her profile, something struck me.

She described her likes dislikes, some of the activities and what not that is in her life just an over all brief description of herself in general as most profiles are, but the thing that I saw that caught my eye and not in a good way was this, and mind you this was the last sentence -I'm looking for a man to compliment not complicate my life!

I am looking for a response more so from the ladies on this, I am debating on adding this to my profile once I have re written it, I can't quite get it right for reply, but felt like adding the line as she did I am looking for a woman to compliment not complicate my life!

Now granted everyone has their own life, positives and negatives, and pitfalls along the way that everyone experiences, not everyone can be busy all the time and have their activities and what's in their life appeal to some one of the opposite sex (I have my opinions on that)

But ladies if you saw the line I am looking for a woman to compliment not complicate my life! , what would you think? I want total honesty here, I am thinking on adding the line. There are things I am working on changing in my life not for anyone else, just want to change some aspects for myself, I don't live my life to please others but I agree with the sentiment I don't need someone to complicate my life as it is just add to it for the better.

I would imagine some of you ladies would be offended, which I think is kind of funny by knowing what he wants in someone and what he is looking for with someone.

Would you be offended? interested? etc

I know there are other factors as how two people click and for some the physical attraction and everything else, I am merely talking about reading that line what your reaction and thought would be,


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  • Well, if I hadn't read your question and saw that statement from a guy, I would think that he was saying that he want's a woman who will make him look good-like he wants his woman in the background and to be physically attractive. But then again it may mean that he wants a woman who can hold her own and who isn't clingy. I don't know how to interpret it because its really hard to know exactly what people mean when they are so vague and when you are reading it. It's like texting. But its okay to put that on your profile but maybe you could rephrase it differently because you don't want to turn off a woman who might be the one.

    • I agree the statement is quite vague, I don't date much-if at all, just personal choice for a variety of reasons but not like I want to be alone either, too much to get into on here though......lol, I do know what I want from a woman on variety of levels and clingy is something I DON'T want, as I know girls don't want a clingy guy. What I look for I know is not the norm from the huge majority of guys.

    • I'm kinda young but maybe you could give dating a chance. Have you tried blind dates? What is it that ur looking for that's different from most guys??

    • What dating I have done hasn't yielded anything positive. I have not tired blind dates-no desire to. Well what I am looking for that's different from most guys is a bit much to go into this tiny space.

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  • No one wants someone to complicate their life but the thing is sometimes it's those complicated people that can make you're life that more colourful I feel while personally it wouldn't bother me to read it you're already turning your back on a lot of opportunities before you've even got a chance to say hello. While complicated can be, well, complicated you may find that this complicated girl is worth the world plus more of hassle because she is so amazing.

    I mean what do you mean you put that statement up what is your idea of complicating your life?

    I am playing devils advocate here btw and I've also written complicated so many times the word has lost all meaning and looks weird when I write it now LMAO XD

    • In terms of complicated the words drama, headaches, crazy exs, or exs in general come to mind at the moment to complicate things. I just have no time, desire, or any other reasons to want drama which I think just make things harder. If they want drama that's what movies are for lol.

  • I would think you're a man that is confident, knows what he wants and doesn't settle... that is attractive. I personally like to see things like this in guys' profiles. I once dated a guy that I normally wouldn't have (his looks weren't 'my usual type') because his profile said... 'I know what I want and won't settle'... and when I messaged with him, he sounded like a man with values.

    • Well confidence is a good thing for sure. Its not like girls want a guy who isn't because that leads to a guy coming off as desperate looking for validation which appears to someone as needy and clingy it all goes together. I haven't come across too many confident women let alone mature. Do girls actually think a guy wants a girl who is needy and clingy and etc..? because I know women don't want those qualities in a man either. All of the qualities are definitely related.

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  • You could have asked this question in 20 words or less...instead of the rambling essay. If I was a woman I would see this mess and think you yammer on too much without getting to the point. overthinking everything...