Girls, I like getting to know a person before being their boyfriend and seeing if I really want to be committed to her. Is that bad?

I'm 21. I have all my affairs in order. I'm nice, polite, considerate , a good communicator , very positive. All I look for in a woman is the same things and physical attractiveness as well.

I've tried dating for a while. And it seems like girls don't want that. I've tried for a long time and it's weird because they seem to be turned off by tiny things or that they just want to use me. It's stupid.

Im doing speed dating next month and I'm wondering if "Women really want to get to know a guy before committing to them?" Because I want to get to know a women before committing to her"

Like I'm not going to automatically start being in love with someone for no reason who's a stranger. Lol. That's weird.


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  • It should be done in your way..
    I mean you want to get to know her you want to feel/know that she's the girl you want to be with before commit to her..
    Because a guy and a girl have had an initial attraction to eachother and attracted to/like eachother, doesn't mean they need to jump onto conclusion like that.
    I want to get to know my date first and see how it goes between us.. I think it just naturally happens when things go great between us. I never rush things.


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  • I am 22 and I understand where you are coming from. It is really hard to find someone who is a good fit and who is a good person. I want to get to know a guy before I commit to him because I have hobbies, friends, and big things going for me in life that I don't want to give up for just anyone. The right girl will be okay with getting to know you.

    Also might I add, why are you in such a hurry to meet someone? You're only 21! You don't need to be speed dating or even online dating. I think our generation is so concerned with finding someone that they forget to live their lives in the process. I think you have a much better shot of meeting the right girl if you are out doing things you love because you have a better shot of meeting someone who has those things in common with you.
    So my advice to you is go out and live your life!! Do a study abroad program or do something fun and crazy, something you can only do while you are this age!! For example I am going to Goa India this summer to work with homeless children in the slums. You will never be younger, you will never have less responsibilities, and you will never be more free than you are right now! So enjoy it! Sorry for the book lol. I'm just passionate about this.