Will I hear from him again?

so I went over to this guys house I've known for FOREVER.. we went to elementary school together.. we started talking again on Facebook after a couple years of losing touch.. now were both 22. so last night I went over to his place & we watched a movie together & cuddled.. he was rubbing the small of my back and my arm.. it took him the entire length of the movie to finally make a move & kiss me.. & we fooled around a little but didn't have sex.. then he took me home a couple hours later.. & mentioned about hanging out again.. and he gave me a little kiss goodbye..

so guys.. do you think I'll hear from him again or was he just being nice?


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  • You will probably hear from him again. Not sure that he is necessarily looking for anything more than some fun though. It's great you have known him for so long but that is a lot of physical contact for two people that barely started dating. Usually a sign the guy wants only the physical and not the mental.

    • I'm not sure about that conclusion. Physical and "mental" interest as you put it certainly aren't mutually exclusive and are more often positively correlated.

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    • While 50% of the time that's true, 50% of the time it just means they're crazy attracted to you and there's no waitin' involved cause that's just wasted time. Some of my best relationships have started out VERY physical.

    • @moronicmars, yes, it can happen, but it is not the best way to go. Anymore these days, guys are so primed for the FWB or no-strings deal, that unless you date someone slowly and get to know them, you can be very surprised to find out the guy you thought was on the track for a relationship with you was not interested in that. I think this is more so true the older you get, when relationships come with higher stakes like marriage and kids. That's when guys get real flaky.

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  • Answer: Yes *Points* --> "& mentioned about hanging out again.."

    ... You have no reason to assume he isn't going to be around again, so why overvalue the situation? If you would like to see him sooner, rather than later, call him and invite him somewhere: "John, I wanna go grab coffee with you, are you free to join me?"

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • If you keep asking silly questions like that and over think things, you might rive him away.