Does this guy like me?

So I was at a dance and I was just standing with my friend and he boyfriend (I went without a date) and this completely random guy walked up to me and took my hand to dance. So we were dancing and it was very awkward because we weren't talking and he was staring at me intensely haha. So finally he asked my name and we talked alittle. He asked some stuff about myself and I asked him about himself. Then my friends left where we were (they were shocked haha) so he saw them go and let me go with them. But he was just showing up around me that whole evening. Even when I came out of the bathroom he talked to me again hahaha. Now around school he kind of just appears and today he tried to talk to me but we were both kind of nervous. Should I make a move and ask him out? Do you think he likes me haha?


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  • He likes you. If you like him, ask him out.


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  • Yes, he likes you! I don't think there is a need for you to ask him out because the dude walked up and grabbed your hand to dance. He obviously can be confident at times :)

    Maybe in a group setting with your friends and him somehow bring up (better yet have a friend bring up) something you want to do. obviously the friend would be in the know to ask you about said activity. Example a. Friend says "hey, did you see that trailer for that new movie _______." And you say "oh yea!!! I want to see that movie SO badly! Do you want to go this weekend?" This is where she says she can't go because of whatever.
    Now he knows something you like and that you have this weekend free. :)

    • Thanks for the advice!! :)

    • Also no reason for you wait for him. If you want to ask him out I say do it! :) mines just the long way around the island