Why are some guys such jerks?

well I'm so called friends with this guy and when I hang out with him we talk and talk and then is friends come and then he's a complete jerk and then I get a text from him saying that he doesn't want to be friends and I reply saying what r u talking about and then he said i like you but I rather be with my friends then you then I told him bye jerk and have a good fricken life loser and then I saw him the next day and then I stared crying and my friend saw me cry and then I told her what happened she told his mom came up to me she talked to him and he came up to me and said sorry and he's still a jerk he keeps calling me some bad names and some rude


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  • umm this wasn't complete sentances or proper english...lol stay in school

    anyways who cares...leave him alone you obviously like him, he's playing gmaes with you...do you really want to be hurt like this all the time...screw it and move on

    • Okay I will but I'm not even friends with him anymore

    • Good! keep it that way...he seems very immature and when you're gone and moved on he will realize what he's missing....but don't let him trap you, you deserve better!

    • Thanx soo much

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